Visualização de Dados

Aqui um link para ferramentas de visualização de dados para quem ainda não tem muita experiência nesse campo. A dica é do site suiço “datavisualization”. Pode ser de interesse para os grupos utilizarem nas suas cartografias. Vejam detalhes do post do Information Aesthetics:

“The good people of the Swiss website called datavisualisation present “A Carefully Selected List of Recommended Tools” [], containing a set of hand-picked software libraries, applications and services that they use regularly for their own infovis work. The current collection contains three different categories: libraries for plotting data on maps, frameworks for creating charts, graphs and diagrams and tools to simplify the handling of data, and will be updated regularly. A filter in the right top corner allows to exclude those tools that require programming expertise.”

Sobre alemos

Associate Professor, Faculty of Communication, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. PhD in Sociology, Sorbonne (1995), Visiting Scholar University of Alberta and McGill University, Canada (2007-2008). Coordinator of Cybercity Research Group (UFBa/CNPq) and Researcher level 1 at CNPq. Member of Prix Ars Electronica, Wi. Journal of Mobile Media and Canadian Journal of Communication Board. This Carnet is online since March 1st, 2001.
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