Abrindo dados como caixas-pretas.

Vejam nesse rápido exemplo como uma controvérsia pode ser gerada pela “abertura” dos dados:

The National Debt Clock. Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

“Seymour Durst realized a fairly simple idea: to create awareness for the rising national debt. He produced the National Debt Clock, a matrix display that shows the US debt in total, and the share per American family. The first time I heard of this sign, I was genuinely impressed by the simple yet exciting (and maybe even terrifying) notion of creating awareness. That said, what do these numbers still mean? How are they generated? What are the national debts of other countries? Looking at the National Debt Clock will not tell you that in its 23 years of existince, there were only two years in which the debt was actually decreasing. A lot of context is missing, and solely showing the data does not do the trick.”


“So, if the data is not only shown, but also given, it’s up to us as members of the community to hack the data. And by hack, I mean tweak, research, mix and find new narratives. Having open data to work with, can provide the tools to create an ongoing extensive awareness of policies and governance, that gets updated as soon as the data sets are updated. It might sound idealistic, but transparency in governance by means of open data could make for an better understanding of policing.”

Abaixo experiência de dados abertos no Quênia:

E no Brasil podemos citar o Transparência Brasil, o Open Data Br, entre outros…

Abaixo Vídeo sobre Governo OpenData no Brasil, no Conip 2010.


Sobre alemos

Full Professor, Faculty of Communication, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. PhD in Sociology, Sorbonne (1995), Visiting Scholar at University of Alberta and McGill University, Canada (2007-2008) and National University of Ireland (NUI/Maynooth) (2015-2016). Coordinator of Lab 404 (http://lab404.ufba.br) and Researcher Fellow at CNPQ (PQ-1A).
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